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Most Advanced Laser Treatment for Anal Fistula



Top Clinic in Hyderabad for Highly Advanced Nonsurgical Treatment of Anal Fistula

We are a specialty clinic located in Hyderabad providing exclusive treatment for anal fistulas. We are having a dedicated team of highly trained doctors & surgeons who are well experienced & have performed numerous successful laser treatment operations for fistulas in the past.

All our clinics are equipped with state-of-the-art technology. However, laser treatments at any of these centers are affordably priced. We are able to understand your discomfort & the type of problem you have to constantly deal with & therefore we go that extra mile in order to ensure that you receive a comfortable treatment with the quickest possible results.

What is Anal Fistula?

There are a number of small glands located inside anus. Whenever any one of these gets blocked, it can form into infected cavities called as abscesses. Eventually, almost 50% of these infected cavities develop into anal fistulas. These fistulas are small tunnel-like structures which connect infected glands inside anus to openings on skin around anus. Signs & symptoms of fistula include pain & swelling around anus along with painful bowel movements. Most often, the only proper treatment for fistula is surgical intervention.

Causes of Anal Fistula

Most anal fistulas are found to develop from anal abscesses. However, small number anal fistulas are rarely also caused due to diverticulitis, anal cancer, tuberculosis, trauma, & inflammatory bowel diseases like Crohn’s disease.

Signs & Symptoms of Anal Fistula
Most common signs & symptoms of anal fistula include the following
  1. Pain & swelling around anus
  2. Recurrent anal abscesses
  3. Bleeding
  4. Pain with bowel movement
  5. Foul-smelling or bloody drainage (pus) from opening around anus. Pain may however decrease after drainage from fistula.
  6. Irritation of skin around anus due to drainage
  7. Chills, fever & general feeling or fatigue accompanied by the above Make it a point to see the doctor in case you experience these signs & symptoms.
Surgical Treatment Options for Anal Fistula

The position of the anal fistula & whether it is a single channel or having branches in different directions will determine the right type of treatment. Some patients may however require initial examination under the influence of general anesthesia for selection of the best treatment. Some of the main options for treatment of anal fistulas include the following.

  • Fistulotomy – This is the most common type of anal fistula surgery & involves cutting along the whole length of fistula & subsequently allowing it to heal as a flat scar.
  • Seton Techniques – Inserting a Seton into the anal fistula which is passing through a significant portion of anal sphincter muscle is recommended by surgeons. Seton helps drain the fistula & allows it to heal.
  • Advanced Flap Procedure – This procedure is usually considered when your anal fistula passes through anal sphincter muscle. Advanced Flap Procedure involves cutting or scraping out fistula & covering the opening where it enters the bowel with a flap of tissue inside rectum.
  • Bioprosthetic Plug – A cone shaped plug made from animal tissue is used for blocking internal opening of fistula in the Bioprosthetic Plug procedure.
  • LIFT Procedure – Ligation of Intersphincteric Fistula Tract (LIFT) is a new type of treatment for anal fistulas. This treatment is specifically designed for fistulas which pass through the anal sphincter muscle.
  • Fibrin Glue – This is a nonsurgical treatment option for anal fistulas. Fibrin glue procedure involves injecting special glue into fistula under the influence of general anesthesia in order to help seal the tunnel & encourage healing.
Potential Risks & Disadvantages of Anal Fistula Surgery

Some of the most common disadvantages of undergoing surgery for anal fistulas include the following.

  1. Possibility of infections
  2. Bowel incontinence
  3. Surgery invariably involves invasive tools like blade, suture material & scissors for performing operation.
  4. These tools are utilized for making incisions on the body.
  5. Loss of blood is a definite possibility
  6. Surgery is not a permanent solution & anal fissures may recur at some point of time.
  7. Anal fistula patients have to be admitted into hospital for surgery.
  8. Anal fistula surgery is extremely painful.
  9. Following anal fistula surgery patients will have to take complete bed for 30 days & will have to continue treatment with daily dressing.
Laser (Nonsurgical) Treatment for Anal Fistula

An ideal alternative to surgery, laser treatment for anal fistula is a novel sphincter-saving procedure. Primary closure of the fistula tunnel is achieved with help of laser energy delivered by a radial fiber.

This causes shrinkage of tissue around the radial fiber with an aim of closing the tract. Laser treatment of anal fistula is minimally invasive, absolutely safe, relatively simple & sphincter-saving alongside high chances of success.

Benefits of Undergoing Laser Treatments with Us
  1. No painful surgical tools are involved in treatment
  2. Require no surgical incisions for treatment
  3. No loss of blood during & after operation
  4. Absolutely painless laser operation
  5. Completely avoids need for daily dressing
  6. Walk out the same day without wasting time in hospital
  7. Do not need any bed-rest & can start working the next day
  8. This is a permanent solution for fistula & will not come back again
  9. No diet restrictions following laser treatment operation
What Patients Say About Laser Piles?

“I wish I would have undergone laser treatment for anal fistula earlier! It would have saved me so much of pain & discomfort”..

- Rakesh Vungarala, Hyderabad



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